At Skydive, we are proud to serve and promote the great sports of sky diving, hang gliding and paragliding, through programs like Instructor Certification, Training and Awareness program . We strives to promote pilot safety, skill, knowledge and above all fun. Now is the time to pursue your desire of flight. We'll see you in the sky Enjoy a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean during freefall and during your flight under Canopy.

Skydive offers you this scenery during your Tandem Skydive! Our photographs and video tell the story better than words can. Why experience your 1st Skydive “inland” which will be one not to forget in a hurry..

Experience your first Skydive where the Scenery is inspiring!!!

What Is Skydiving?

Tandem skydiving is an extremely popular form of skydiving and an excellent introduction into the sport, it allows one to experience the adrenalin and excitement without having to commit excessively to the activity at hand.

How High Can You Go?

We believe a tandem skydive is more than just jumping out of plane – it’s an experience that puts both your body and mind through their paces. A true life experience that will stay with you forever.